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The Unique Style to Present Love for Equine : Horsehair Jewelry

Bracelet Horsehair Jewelry in Jewelry

Bracelet Horsehair Jewelry

What do you think when you hear about horsehair jewelry? Horsehair jewelry is the unique jewelry which looking very elegant and in the other cases it holds a lot of meaning for people who wear it. For people who loved with horse, actually having jewelry which made from horsehair is a symbol of fondness for these wonderful animals. In other case, horsehair jewelry is one of the perfect accompanists for the western people wear. For the horse owner, the various design of horsehair jewelry is look like a treasure souvenir which made from hair of their beloved horse or equine.
Horsehair jewelry is creating from the hair collected of horse’s mane or tail. This is because horsehair has a soft luster and smooth in texture. Horsehair jewelry is come from various color and design; you will find a variety color from white, black, brown, or subtle shades. The strands of the horsehair can be the great items to use as necklaces, barrettes, earrings, and bracelets. Today, the art of the horsehair are back. It is weaving back from the Victorian era when they start braiding use hand. The popular styles of the horsehair jewelry is including French design, square, three strand, round braids, and half round.
Horsehair jewelry is create more valuable and pretties by combination with pearls and the other gemstone or combine with metal. Most people like to use silver or gold as the combination of this kind of jewelry to make the wonderful piece of horsehair jewelry. The bracelets which made from the horsehair are elastic so this is very perfect on wrist and it can match and easy to contrast with hair color. This is strong and long lasting jewelry that perfect for the active person. This is tasteful, beautiful and the meaningful jewelry which presents loved from the horse lover.
Today, you are easy to find horsehair jewelry in store, choose and decide as yours to present love to your equine.

Find Horsehair Jewelry in Jewelry

Find Horsehair Jewelry

Great Horsehair Jewelry in Jewelry

Great Horsehair Jewelry

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