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Knowing about Rook Jewelry

Arrow Rook Jewelry in Jewelry

Arrow Rook Jewelry

What do you know from rook jewelry? Rook jewelry is one of the jewelry which uses to do piercing in ears. Actually there are several types of ear piercing which already such as ear lobe piercing, horizontal lobe piercing, rook piercing and the other piercing types. One of the famous ear piercing is rook. The rook piercing are used the rook jewelry which located at the uppermost part in ear. Rook piercing is one of the thickest parts of piercing in ear. This takes a lot of time in healing and comparatively the space for piercing; this is why not everyone has rook piercing.
Along the time, rook piercing is the ear piercing which delighted by most people. So, today, you can find several rook jewelry are scattered in jewelry stores. You will find it in several design, sizes, materials and price. If you like to have the shine items in your ears, it is good for you to choose the rook jewelry which combine with the gemstone materials. And, if you like to bring the unique design in your ears, it is better you try to find the rook jewelry which designing in narrow, anchor, dragonfly, or other.
The important thing when you want to place rook jewelry in your ears is about the infections of it. Actually rook jewelry is very common after the piercing done, but it is very will make discomfort. The areas which you pierced should wash one or two times in a day. It is good if you use saline solution and don’t touch your pierced areas with the dirty hands. It will make your pierced areas infections. Besides that, avoid the materials which build your rook jewelry which make you allergy. Actually, there are some people usually get allergy with the metal materials, so, it is better for them to avoid the rook jewelry which builds from the materials which make them allergy.
So, always be smart to choose the suitable rook jewelry for the beautiful things which add in your ears.

Blue Rook Jewelry in Jewelry

Blue Rook Jewelry

Dragonfly Rook Jewelry in Jewelry

Dragonfly Rook Jewelry

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